Email and Collaboration Security Solutions

Stop phishing, malware, ransomware, fraud, and targeted attacks

Email Protection

The #1 attack vector requires the most comprehensive defense

Since email is the attacker’s top choice for ransomware and targeted attacks, you need the best email security available to protect your organization. Trend Micro uses XGen security, the most advanced blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques, with proven methods to find more phishing emails and malware. Our email solutions work with Control Manager for central management and threat sharing with other security layers to improve your visibility and overall protection.

To stop widespread phishing attacks, you need security that examines all aspects of the attack.

  • Business Email Compromise detection technology based on artificial intelligence to find email scammers impersonating executives
  • The only email solution with machine learning- based anti-malware to quickly find the most unknown threats
  • Sandbox detonation for further behavioral analysis using technology top-rated by NSS Labs
  • URL analysis both during transit and in real-time when a link is clicked
  • Consistently #1-rated antispam based on testing by Opus One

Stop ongoing attacks before damage occurs

It is imperative to detect and stop attacks already in progress before it’s too late. In two-stage attacks, attackers send phishing emails within your organization using a previously compromised device or login credential. Trend Micro uniquely provides advanced threat and BEC protection for internal email on Office 365, Exchange, or Domino mail systems, as well as for collaboration tools like OneDrive, SharePoint, Box, and Dropbox.

Central visibility and threat sharing

Trend Micro shares threat intelligence between security layers to rapidly respond to emerging attacks. When incidents occur, Trend Micro helps remediate threats with the capability to scan stored mailboxes and collaboration services for malware or indicators of an attack. And, by integrating with Trend Micro Control Manager, you get user-centric visibility across endpoint, web, and email security.

Collaborate more confidently

Whether you need to comply with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, or local regulations, Trend Micro integrated DLP has over 200 templates to simplify setting up and managing compliance initiatives. Manual scan capabilities of mailboxes and collaboration services enable you to discover compliance data and assess your risk, and DLP policies can automatically encrypt emails containing sensitive data.