Network Security Intrusion Prevention IPS

Network-Wide Detection of Targeted Attacks and Advanced Threats

Network Security Intrusion Prevention IPS

Delivering network security at up to 100Gbps inspection throughput

The threat landscape continues to evolve both in sophistication and in technology. This means a new security system that is both effective and flexible is needed to adapt to the dynamic nature of the landscape - one that allows you to tailor your security to meet the needs of your network.

Trend Micro TippingPoint NX Series Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), powered by XGen security, achieves a new level of in-line, real-time protection, providing proactive network security that is ideal for data center, core, and perimeter deployments for today’s and tomorrow’s real-world network traffic and data centers. The next-generation architecture provides modular software design that enables the addition of valuable network protection services as NGIPS continues to evolve from first generation IPS technology. This NGIPS platform redefines the next generation of intrusion prevention as a foundation for comprehensive network security across all critical areas in the enterprise.

The NX Series provides industry-leading coverage across the different threat vectors from advanced threats, from malware to phishing, etc., with extreme flexibility and high performance. It uses a combination of technologies - including and not limited to deep packet inspection, threat reputation, and advanced malware analysis on a flow-by-flow basis - to detect and prevent attacks on the network.

The NX Series enables enterprises to take a proactive approach to security to provide comprehensive contextual awareness and deeper analysis of network traffic. This complete contextual awareness, combined with the threat intelligence from Digital Vaccine® Labs (DVLabs) and Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) provides the visibility and agility necessary to keep pace with today’s dynamic, evolving enterprise networks.

Key Features

Machine Learning to Stop Exploit Kits in Real-Time
Statistical models developed with machine learning techniques deliver the ability to detect and mitigate exploit kits in real-time

Enterprise Vulnerability Remediation (eVR)
Enables customers to pull in information from various vulnerability management and incidence response vendors, map Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) to TippingPoint Digital Vaccine filters and take action accordingly

High Availability
NX Series has multiple fault tolerant features making it ideal for inline deployment including hot swappable power supplies, built-in inspection bypass and zero power high availability (ZPHA)

Operational Simplicity
TippingPoint Security Management System provides a single point of management for policy and device management

Virtual Patching
A powerful frontline defense mechanism that can be deployed in minutes to protect from known and undisclosed threats, relying on vulnerability-based filters

Key Benefits

Scalable High Inspection Throughput for Data Center Environments:
Delivers up to 100Gb inspection throughput with low latency

Neutralize Known and Unknown Malware:
Discovers and actively blocks attempts from both known and unknown malware

Network Reliability:
Deploys in-line on purpose-built hardware with features designed to deliver high performance under attack

Industry-leading Threat Intelligence:
Leverage the leading research teams of Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) and Digital Vaccine® Labs (DVLabs) for up-to-date threat coverage for your organization’s assets

Comprehensive Security Solution:
Single vendor solution covering network security, advanced threats, end user protection and hybrid cloud

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