Network Security

Go beyond next-gen IPS to detect, analyze, and prevent advanced threats and targeted attacks

Network Defense brings you award-winning solutions to provide the best protection for your environment

Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

Protect against known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities in your network.

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Advanced Threat Protection

Detect and respond to targeted attacks moving inbound, outbound, and laterally.

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Powered by XGen security, Trend Micro Network Defense goes beyond next-gen IPS to provide a blend of cross-generational techniques that apply the right technology at the right time to deliver integrated detection and prevention of known, unknown and undisclosed threats.

Today’s more connected world and changing IT landscape is extending your enterprise network as the adoption of virtualization and cloud technologies grows, and high performance requirements transcend the capabilities of traditional network perimeter defenses. In addition to riskier user behavior and more sophisticated threats including ransomware and zero-day attacks, the increase of connected Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT devices poses a unique security challenge for enterprises who may find that network-based security is their only protection for these devices for which endpoint security cannot be applied. With a lack of automation, visibility, operational efficiency, and qualified staff to deal with critical threats, traditional defenses and disparate single-technology solutions are insufficient to tackle the massive volume and variety of threats you are facing.

Those threats that you are facing can be simplified into three classifications: known, unknown and undisclosed.

Known vulnerabilities are known to the public and to security tools. These vulnerabilities or threats are added to reputation databases, addressed by physical and virtual patches, have security pattern files written for them, or have exploit signatures created to block them. Even though vulnerabilities are known, many still get through - usually through unpatched software. “Through 2020, 99% of the vulnerabilities exploited will continue to be ones known by security and IT professionals for at least one year.” *

Limited resources to implement patches and end-of-life systems are the major reasons why systems remain unpatched

* Source: Gartner, Inc. “It’s Time to Align Your Vulnerability Management Priorities with the Biggest Threats.” 9 September 2016.

Unknown threats have never been seen before and are usually created to specifically target an individual or enterprise. These targeted attacks and advanced threats are customized to evade your conventional security defenses, and can remain hidden while stealing your sensitive data or encrypting critical data until ransom demands are met.

Undisclosed vulnerabilities are a hybrid between known and unknown. These vulnerabilities are usually known by some security researchers and the impacted software vendors. Until software is patched, enterprises are at risk of threat actors exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access or launch attacks.