About Us

"Optrics Engineering - Network Solutions for 20+ Years"

"Solutions For A Connected World"

Optrics Engineering is a licensed engineering firm specializing in network hardware, software consulting and training solutions coupled with a successful Internet-based technology-marketing company.

Not Your Usual I.T. Company

In business for more than 20 years, we've sourced and installed thousands of solutions for clients around the world.

These clients don't include just large enterprises. We've also helped government, non-profit, education, scientific and many other levels of client including SMB.


Our partners span all I.T. categories, including wireless, email and messaging, cloud solutions, network storage and backup, infrastructure, network monitoring and security, load balancing, virtualization and all data center requirements.


We can help with solutions including wireless, email and messaging, cloud solutions, storage and backup, network infrastructure, network monitoring, network security, load balancing, virtualization and all other data center needs.

  • Professional Service

    One of the things that has always defined Optrics is the dedication to professional service that permeates every area of the company. Our team of technical salespeople are knowledgable about all brands we carry as are our highly trained and experienced technical staff.

  • Affordable Prices

    Sure, you want to have the best quality products for your environment that you can get. But budgets are budgets. Our staff are expert at designing solutions that can fit into your budget, while containing the most powerful products we can source.

  • Training

    Once your new solution is implemented, it's always a boost to have some training on use of it, as well as some pro tips. Our paid training options are vast and can be completed efficiently via special webinars just for your team to help get started.